WordPress for Windows Phone

I like the “Freshly Pressed” items on WordPress. I usually ready them and browse through my favorite blogs every now and then.

I have a Windows Phone and WordPress displays the blogs very well on the phone. However, I always wanted something more. I was hoping that the awesome guys at WordPress would give me an app on the Windows Phone platform. I know some of you might say that there is already an app from WordPress for the Windows Platform, but you must agree it’s not the ideal blog reader that i wanted it to be. I am also a developer wanting to do interesting stuff. So I decided to build an app for WordPress myself.

WordPress provides a good set of API(s) (a lot of them) for developers trying to consume items from the WordPress world.  For the start, I used the freshly pressed and the get posts API(s) for my app.

This is what the app looks like…

You can view freshly pressed posts and latest news  from WordPress. Then there are some latest posts from about 15 tags on WordPress.

The first screen shows the Freshly Pressed items. These items are displayed in a nice grid to give a good visual appeal. You can click the item to read the item in full.

The second screen shows the latest news from WordPress. Get the latest happenings around WordPress at your finger tips.

The last section shows the latest posts from 15 tags on WordPress. Every time you refresh the tags section you would see that the application automatically (magically) selects the top tag category.

As shown above, the sections support options like refresh, open in browser. For the open in browser option just tap the post for a little time for the option to appear.

Here are some other screens from the app

So, did you like the app and want to give it a try… Download the app now on your windows phone. The app is a paid app but I have enabled a FREE trial.

Download Now

Coming soon

  • Live tiles and notifications
  • Pin your favorite blog to start screen
  • Offline support and lots more….

Please provide you thoughts and suggestions…


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