The Dapoli Trip

A few days back, Me and my family went for a trip to Dapoli. It was a fun filled outing for 3 days.

The route we took was from Pune to PanchganiMahabaleshwar. On the route we stopped for breakfast at a restaurant which had beautiful flowers. There were a lot of birds that I could see, but could not capture from the camera lens, they were too fast for me.

Flowers at Resort in Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar

Then we went on to our destination, i.e. Dapoli, via Khed.

The place that I went w\belonged to my relatives. It was a huge place around 45 acres I think. Here are some pics.

These were some insects that I could see. Anyone knows what these are?

We went to the beach, burnt coconut shells ( it acts as a mosquito repellent), had a swim in a near by river, etc. All in all had a lot of fun.

This is all I can share at this moment. It was a good trip and I would love to visit the place again.


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