2012 On My Mobile Phone

Wonderful and amazing photographs, they show the power of a mobile phone

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

The United States economy is nine times the size of Africa’s, but Africa has twice as many mobile phones according to Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Visually, Africa’s story is silently being told through these little gadgets. Unfortunately, many will remain as such. Silent.01

I am a perfect example on how good stories are photographed and stashed because they were taken on a mobile phone.

No wonder the only other thing more personal in my possession except my mind is a mobile phone. And that in itself underlines how important this tool is, not just in my personal life but professional one as well.02

Not until 15 months ago, a mobile phone to me was about making calls, texting and storing relevant phone contacts. And yes, playing some games too. That role however has drastically changed as i professionally grew as a photographer.03

Today I see a mobile phone as a…

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Colorful reflections


I took these image when I was visiting my grandmothers house in the holidays. The image shows the morning sunlight beaming through the window with some beautiful colors reflected on the window. The colors are reflecting from the opposite building.
This reminded me of nice Christmas lists and decorations that are put up in everyone’s homes during the season.

It’s a dog world

Ever wondered what your dog must be thinking? Dogs have a lot of different expressions and “looks” to offer. This was my question in my head for a long time. Finally, I decided to capture his precious moments in the camera.

Taking pictures of my dog is not easy. He knows you are trying to take his photograph and will not look at you at all. Also, he can’t stay still, always moving from one place to another…

Even then, I managed to take some snaps… Here are a few of them…

Hope you loved the pics, give your thoughts….

In the pictures: “Doppy”
Camera: Nokia Lumia 800