A New Look for News Feed from Facebook

A New Look for News Feed from Facebook
A New Look for News Feed from Facebook

Facebook did it again!!!

This is what many people are saying all round the web after reading about the latest announcement from Facebook. You can read about the announcement on Facebook Newsroom’s A New Look for News Feed. Yes! Facebook also provides its own news announcements.

The new design is yet to roll out for all users. All anyone’s seen is the design shown at the Facebook event. Now, based on such a small window into the new design, the people on the internet are screaming at the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for changing “their” Facebook.

Well its not “theirs” in the first place. Just like any other service on the web, Facebook provides a means to share. You are not in charge of Facebook. Facebook can choose how it wants to provide its own service. I think Facebook is well within its right to change the appearance of Facebook the way it wants and whenever it wants. Goggle has changed a lot since it first came out with search, and the web has not screamed at Google in the same way as it has to Facebook.

Having said that, it does not mean that I like Facebook’s new design nor that I hate it. The option to change is with Facebook, and we have the option to voice our opinion, and by “our opinion”, I refer to our thought on how does it serve our purpose of sharing and consuming content. You can always suggest Facebook that you need some xyz link back on the page. You can give your own point of view to how you see the change, but only in terms of its usefulness, simplicity, or visual appeal.

Then there is the question, why did Facebook change? Would it have been fine if it were as before?

To that, I would say, yes and no. Yes, you need a change, to stay relevant with changing times, to have something new to look forward to, to a make people stay on with the product, and yes to earn more money.

On the other hand, No, you do not need a change. You need to show stability, you need to need to show continuity.

My guess is that Facebook must have thought about all these points choosing to what it did and the way it did.

I would like to let people know, that there are Facebook users who will never find out that there was a change. There are users who don’t care that the there is more space between lines or section. They just want to share information and use Facebook as a medium to do so. As long as people can share their own thoughts on Facebook, nothing else matters. Then there are users who are not used to the web and are on Facebook to connect with school friends they new 30-40 years ago. For such kind of people, having the option to stay connected and laugh together, cry together and talk to one another using Facebook is sufficient. The cosmetic changes have little or no effect on them.

I have said a lot of thing, and like the others on the web, these are my thoughts. You can agree with me or agree to disagree with me. The choice is yours on this one. Lets wait to get the new Facebook design and share ones thoughts then.

For those who cannot wait to see the new design, Facebook has the waiting list, visit www.facebook.com/newsfeed.


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