Understanding the Microsoft Surface (a sort of Review)

I knew Surface is great, however was waiting for a good real time review and this one is great.

I am now quite ready to buy the Surface.
I also like to point out that the iPad is not the primary target but in general the other “tablets” in the market.

Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision

This is a review of the Microsoft Surface, though it won’t be like most other reviews you read.  I’m going to focus my effort on positioning the Surface in today’s so-called “post-PC” era.  You want unboxing, descriptions of buttons and connectors, spec comparisons, etc. then this isn’t the review for you.  You want real world insights, then stay tuned.

I received my Surface on October 26th, having pre-ordered it from the Microsoft Store on October 16th.  It is the 64GB model with black Touch Cover.  I also ordered a separate Type Cover thinking that I’d normally use the Touch Cover, but switch over to the Type when I knew I was going to be doing an intense amount of typing.  I’ll talk more about the two keyboards in actual use later on.

Before getting to the Surface itself let me introduce a positioning concept that will come in handy later.  In…

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