Windows 8: Improving file management basics

We wanted to do an early Windows 8 post about one of the most used features, and one we have not improved substantially in a long time. With the increasing amount of local storage measured in terabytes, containing photos (in multiple formats and very large files), music, and video, these common operations are being taxed in new ways. These changes, along with consistent feedback about what we could improve, have inspired us to take a fresh look and redesign these operations. Of course this is just one feature among many, but we wanted to start with something we can all relate to. Alex Simons is a director of program management on our Windows engineering team and authored this post on the redesign of some Windows file management basics. (PS: A lot of folks asked about Building Windows 8 Video #1 — this is the user experience demo,  The numbering seems to be confusing so this will be our last numbered video.)–Steven

Read more at Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete


WD Elements SE 1TB Review

I recently purchased the WD Elements SE 1TB hard disk from

My first impression, its small, compact and very light in weight. It has a nice matt finish.

It does not need a power cord or any type of casing, just plug it in and start using the almost unlimited storage.

Although its is USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0 it has a decent data speed even with my old desktop.

The packaging of the product is also simple. A USB connector is included in the box. Continue reading “WD Elements SE 1TB Review”