Nokia N9 – All it takes is a swipe

Nokia announced the Nokia N9 at the Nokia Connection event in Singapore.

Nokia is counting on this aggressively designed stylish phone to improve its rapidly decreasing market share in the smart phone segment.

The Nokia N9 improves the most commonly used tasks like apps, notifications and multitasking. A lot of thought has gone behind the Nokia N9 to provide ease of Navigation with the help of gestures and a simple swipe.

Take a closer look at the fearures and you realise, “Why dint Nokia add these features earlier?”. Anyways, let’s see the features in detail. 


Swipe is one feature pre-dominantly highlighted in the Nokia N9.

Nokia N9_cyan_2-small


Messaging, Call functions and Contacts are all designed to give you a smooth and seamless experience making sure you are always connected to your family and friends.



Nokia N9 provides a great browsing experience using HTML 5 along with Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter support out of the box.

Nokia N9_group_2-small


WIth the help of Ovi Maps, Nokia N9 offers turn-by-turn navigation as well as local search for shops, hotels and much more.


Nokia says that the N9 has the fastest camera with amazing picture quality using the 8 MP Carl Zeiss lens. The Nokia N9 also has a dual-LED flash. It supports 16:9 HD video recording with all your images and photos neatly displayed in the Gallery.

Nokia N9_magenta_2-small


Music, Movies and Games provide a unlimited supply of entertainment value with popular games like Angry Birds pre-loaded.

Nokia N9_black_2-small


Mail, Calendar and Documents make sure you never loose out on your important tasks and schedules.


The Nokia N9 is NFC enabled allowing you to share music, contacts wirelessly.


The hardware of the Nokia N9 is also not holding back! It has a 3.9″ AMOLED display with a curved glass and a uni-body.

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