Angry Birds: Its addictive


I must admit, Angry Birds is simple, fun, and highly addictive.

I tried the Angry Birds today, and just got hooked on to it instantly. Angry Birds makes you try and try again till you complete a level, and once you have done that, you can’t wait for the next one. Who would have thought that flinging birds across the screen would be so much fun.

Angry Birds has been well-known as best for a long time. Their domination of mobile gaming has been proven time again when even new version of the game becomes a hit. Currently the top 6 game apps consist of Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Seasons.

I would not go into any review as such but surely say that, if you have not tried Angry Birds then you must check it out, else I would say you must be missing on one of the best and most popular game so far.

Angry Birds is available on all platforms the iPhone (iOS 3.0+)Android and even Symbian.


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