Vettel wins the Australian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel started the 2011 Formula One season with a crushing victory.

Sebastian Vettel won the 2011 Australian Grand Prix in dominating style. This is Vettel’s 11 win continuing his winning streak from last year at Abu Dhabi. quoted Vettel saying

Right now, I just couldn’t be happier! Everything went perfect – from the start until the final lap. Simply amazing.

Starting from the pole, Vettel maintained his lead after the first turn and had already opened a gap of more than 2 seconds over Hamilton following the first lap and the German’s lead was never seriously threatened.

Vettel finished ahead of McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. Fernando Alonso finished fourth, while Australian Mark Webber was fifth, as both used three-stop strategies — one more than the podium finishers.

In only his second season with Renault, Vitaly Petrov finished 3rd, for the first time on the podium in his F1 career.

Petrov’s performance was impressive and would give a boost to a Renault team who lost No.1 driver Robert Kubica to serious injury after a rally crash during the off-season.

“The team did everything perfectly and we should be massively proud,” Petrov said.

Vettel now leads the world championship with 25 points to Hamilton’s 18, Petrov’s 12, and Alonso’s 10, while Red Bull led the constructors’ title chase with 35 points from McLaren on 24, Renault on 15, Ferrari on 14, Sauber on 10 and Toro Rosso on one.

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