IE 9 vs Firefox 4

Microsoft and Mozilla both released Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 recently. With web browsers becoming a crucial part of our lives, lets take a look at them in more detail.

1. Look and feel

Both IE and FF have refreshed their UI design, giving them a more sleek and elegant look. The borderless look gives you more space and does not obstruct the websites view. The address bar of IE is most of the times insufficient in width and I have to keep resizing it. Apart from this aspect I would prefer IE in this category.

2. Speed

I found FF a tad bit faster in loading websites as compared to IE. Also, IE starts eating up the load time once you have installed toolbars and add ons.

3. Availability

Well, having IE 9 only for Windows Vista and Windows 7 has put a lot of constraints on the availability of IE 9, considering that about 35% users still use XP. FF on the other hand, wins hands down here, working seamlessly in most of the operating systems.

4. Compatibility

I must admit, FF is highly compatible with almost all of the major websites. IE on the other hand has a lot of issues in that respect, mostly due to its various so-called “Compatibility modes” that it offers.

5. HTML 5

Everyone keeps taking about it, however that fact is not all websites are HTML 5 compatible and HTMl 5 has a long way to go before it is widely adopted. Having said that, going by the Acid test results, FF wins here.

6. Tabs

Overall, Firefox 4 tab management is more refined and advanced, but Internet Explorer is catching up really fast. A major improvement over older versions. The winner Firefox 4.

7. Memory

On a high end machine, well it doesn’t make a difference which one you use, both eat up about 35 MB(s). On a lower end machine, I would go for IE since it can share resources with Windows OS.

8. Security

I would not like to comment in this category. The less said the better.


In a head-on comparison, Firefox 4 wins over its Microsoft arch-enemy. But that does not mean Internet Explorer 9 is bad. Far from it. Furthermore, the fact the browser scene has another new player, a good one with big teeth and a decent punch, should make you really excited. As the end-user, you will benefit from even more attention and better and cheaper products. This is what fierce competition is all about. You.

Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 are going to be great browsers once released. If you’re a Firefox user, no need to abandon your favorite product. It’s still the good old stuff that made the difference and broke the monopoly. If you’re an Internet Explorer user, now you truly have a good browser, which you can use and be proud of.

P.S. I have written this article using Google Chrome.

And that would be all


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